The West Kootenay Permaculture Co-op (the folks behind Kootenay Food) are thrilled to celebrate another F3 success! This year the 3rd annual Farm Food Fork; Forum Festival Feast, was hosted by the North Kootenay Lake Community Services Society  (of the Kaslo Food Hub) The event sold out and offered a two day forum on growing an economy around food! Big thanks to Dustin East & Patrick Steiner for all their efforts in putting on such a great event.

This “passing of the F3 planning torch” to another Kootenay Food group was a first for the WKPCo-op, and we are keen to see the event grow and move around the area, so if you are interested in doing a 2017 (late winter) event in your area drop us a line, and we’ll see if their is a match with the values we have developed around Farm Food Fork!

drop us a line! info {at} kootenay food.com