Lavinia Lidstone

Lavinia Lidstone is the owner of Kootenay Kombucha, a small batch craft brewery in Slocan Valley, BC. The brewery is built from a passion for health and whole foods. We celebrate the abundance and way of life in the Kootenays by brewing delicious and potent probiotic herbal elixirs.

“I have wanted to be involved in nutrtition and helping people as a career since a young age, I can remember writing that I’d be a nutritionist in one of my elementary school science classes. Starting a business didn’t become a dream until I was 19, after traveling through Europe, Central America and the Western US I felt ready to settle down at age 22 in Nelson. I’m so happy to call the Kootenays home, and I feel so much gratitude towards the local businesses who have been so supportive of my vision for less packaging and local kombucha, saving on fossil fuels from importing heavy shipments. Kombucha is a growing market here in the Kootenays and I am working to make it as sustainable as possible. Thanks everyone for supporting Kootenay Kombucha locally and beyond.”


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